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Pokemon Reign: Erdos and Laurel by bdg222
Pokemon Reign: Erdos and Laurel

Characters: None
Evolutions: None
   Laurel: Earthquake, Rollout, Dig, Swift, Calm Mind, Lucky Chant, Stored Power, Sandstorm, Swords Dance

Erdos | Typhlosion/Ampharos: Full Body x 3, Color x 3, Shading x 3 (Ref not finished yet)
Laurel | Sandshrew/Munna: Full Body x 13, Color x 13, Shading x 13 [Owner: MarbleSplotch]
Pokemon Reign Litter: Agnesi 12 by bdg222
Pokemon Reign Litter: Agnesi 12
1. Female Drillbur/Azurill/Gible [Ability 1] (Mine)
   Types: Ground/Fairy/Dragon

2. Female Alchemized [Dragon,Fairy+] Azurill [Ability 1] (For MarbleSplotch)
   Types: Normal/Fairy+/Dragon

Mother's Species: Fujita the Shiny Alchemized [Electric] Excadrill/Gabite
Father's Species: Fireflies the Alchemized [Electric] Marill

Base Stats: 
HP:15, Attack:17, Defense:16, Sp. Attack:14, Sp Defense:13, Speed:13

Link to breeding results

Level Claims
Characters: None
Evolutions: 0
Moves: 0
Pokemon 1| Drillbur/Azurill/Gible: Full Body, Color, Shading
Pokemon 2| Alchemized [Dragon,Fairy+] Azurill: Full Body, Color, Shading
Pokemon Reign Ref: Hadwiger by bdg222
Pokemon Reign Ref: Hadwiger
Hadwiger | Typhlosion/Furret: Full Body, Color, Shading, Semi-Detailed Background?
Name: Hadwiger
Species: Typhlosion/Furret
Type: Fire/Normal
Special Traits: Chimera
Gender: Male
Hatch Date: July 2nd, 2014
Ability: Flash Fire [Hidden Ability of Typhlosion]

Available for breeding?: NO, he has a lifemate. I'm not breaking my side of the promise

Level: 100
HP: 80
Attack: 50
Defense: 80
Special Attack: 50
Special Defense: 80
Speed: 160

Move List:
Tackle (Starter)
Leer (Starter)
Scratch (Starter)
Foresight (Starter)

Experience Log:
Transferred from that other group- [80 HP, 50 Attack, 80 Defense, 50 Special Attack, 80 Special Defense, 160 Speed], 100 levels.

Mother: Ribbon
Father: Byron
Pokemon Reign: Nuzzle Nuzzle by bdg222
Pokemon Reign: Nuzzle Nuzzle
Byron just meeting his daughter after so long. :heart:

"I am completing Beta Objective 1 for the first time!"

Characters: None
Evolutions: None
Moves: None
Byron | Typhlosion: Full Body x 1, Color x 1, Shading x 1
Lucentfall, the Matyr | Typhlosion/Musharna: Full Body x 1, Color x 1, Shading x 1 [Owner: NebulaFrog]
Pokemon Reign Exploration: 10/09/2015 (2) by bdg222
Pokemon Reign Exploration: 10/09/2015 (2)
Explorer: suicunetobigaara
Type of Exploration: By Biome
Type -or- Biome: Wetlands
Items being Used: Soothe Bell (from my own inventory)

Characters: None
Evolutions: None
Moves: None
Tidal | Feraligatr: Full Body x 1, Color x 1, Shading x 1, Semi-Detailed Background? x 1 [Owner: suicunetobigaara]
Heghway Dragon | Dragonite: Full Body x 1, Color x 1, Shading x 1, Semi-Detailed Background? x 1 [Item: Power Bracer]

While they're exploring, guess Tidal couldn't help but give Hei a big hug.

I know this is impromptu, but...

Playing Town of Salem, a game of lies and deception, and see if I can't survive the chaos that this game can be.

Come and watch if you'd like!


United States

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